The three modes of consciousness

I’ve been thinking lately that our brain is like a gaming laptop with modes that we can’t control for a certain moment. We are in the flow of whatever we are doing the majority of the time.
It is similar to a gaming laptop that has modes such as silent, performance, and turbo.

Silent mode

In silent mode laptop uses minimum resources, such as a small amount of CPU or GPU power, and does the task with minimal power, such as we are in the lower face or we can call it depression or stress, anxiety whatever you call it. Think about a chemical reaction in our brain as we act accordingly. To be more specific, we can call it an insufficient dopamine level.
The dopamine level may reduce for many reasons. If you are doing drugs that increase your dopamine level and now you are used to it and can’t maintain yourself without it, you feel anxious cause you what to maintain that level of dopamine. Before you ask me why let me tell you. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter and hormone which is the main reason behind your feeling of reward, pleasure, motivation, and learning. You can also include joy, happiness, etc. This all happens when your levels are stable. Yes, it was my dopamine rush that helps me to write this article. It has always been ever since we were born. Our feeling of joy a happy moment you spend with a friend or a sad situation where someone leaves you or the movement of sexual pleasure is all caused by dopamine.

To understand what this means in the silent mode of consciousness, you have to think about why this is happening or perhaps just stop thinking because people tend to overthink nowadays. What you can do is find a distraction. You can go for a walk or make a playlist that helps you put yourself in a good mood. What is the best thing you can do is work on your hobby.
When dopamine levels reduce or if you are used to exhilarating excitement, the brain goes into silent mode. In simple words, your brain is bored with the same level of hormone. What you can do to improve your condition is dopamine detox. You can learn more about dopamine detox here.

Performance mode

Your body and your brain, or what we call consciousness, run smoothly while in performance mode. Your body is not exhausted, your thoughts are in the right direction, and you do your work seamlessly. An ideal situation. You are more productive, your focus is strong, and you are in a good mood.
It is similar to the performance mode of a laptop in which your device operates properly. In this mode, you can efficiently complete your tasks without interruptions or task breaks most of the time. Also, this mode uses resources efficiently like your ram is not that occupied no other than your CPU running at full capacity without any senseless reason so this is an optimum situation.
So just like our laptop or PC, we can set our consciousness to the performance mode that will be beneficial for our brain and body. You know what I mean.
The question is what we can do to stay in performance mode or switch to performance mode?
I work out to set my mind and body up. Aside from watching and reading philosophical concepts, I am a bit of a car nerd. It drives me crazy. You should find a thing that drives you crazy and do it once a day to maintain this level of awareness. This thing may be anything from reading to football or spending time with friends. Just think about something that makes you happy, that’s all.

Turbo mode

And the turbo mode, all the short-temper people know how it feels when your demons are on the rage. When you feel your warm blood flowing through your veins, you become more sensitive or possibly insane.
That’s how the computer’s turbo mode works, running everything at max performance. That’s fine, but we just need to make a few minor changes and focus on what’s more Important using our conscious turbo mode. The brain’s turbo mode is like Pandora’s box, you don’t know how much power you have until you open it.
Also, not everyone can handle it properly. The main point is how to manage your emotions, your passion for anything, and your feelings not to waste. Outrage is also an example of a brain turbocharged mode. If you control it and steer it beneficially, you can easily accomplish everything you want. It is that simple.
You can use humor to release tension. Also, try to take a time out if a situation is going out of control.

The main thing I’m trying to explain is whether our brain has patterns that we can use for our sake for sure. You just have to learn how to change the patterns and the game is up to you.



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